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SUMMER 2014: Come See us at Our Booth for $100 off Your Home Improvement Project :)



Mountainland Exteriors is excited to see everyone at the following Town Days for 2014:

  • South Jordan– June 6th–7th

  • Springville– June 11th–14th

  • Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days (Little Bee Craft)– June 18th–21st

  • West Jordan Pioneer Days– June 24th–26th

  • Syracuse Heritage days– June 27th–28th

  • Taylorsville Dayzz– June 27th–28th

  • Riverton Town Days– July 4th

  • Sandy Town Days– July 4th

  • Draper Days– July 18th–19th

  • Spanish Fork– July 21st–24th

  • Price International Days– July 24th–26th

  • Payson Onion Days- -August 29th–Sep 1st

  • Roy Days– Sept 1st–2nd

Come see us at our booth for $100 off your home improvement project!

Why you Shouldn’t Wait for Spring to Work on Your House

So, the magic of the holiday season is over and you are counting down the days until Spring. Hmm…what to fill the time with? You have a long list of projects for the house that you have made as part of your new year’s resolutions. However, you have falsely supposed that those projects should wait until the snow melts, or it’s warmer, etc. Here are a few reasons why winter is actually one of the BEST times to get work done on your house:

  1. Lower pricing for products: Most people assume that they need to wait for Spring to do work on the outside of their home. Because of this, winter is the slow time for contractors. This drives down the demand for the supplies from the manufacturers resulting in the same quality products for your home but at a much cheaper price.
  2. Lower pricing for contractors because they are competing. Much like the lowered prices on supplies, you’ll also get lowered pricing on your labor, meaning from the contractors. Because there are less people wanting to do their homes in the winter, there is less work to go around. When contractors compete for your business, you get a much better deal!
  3. Winter is a slower season for roofers so you are much less likely to be placed on a waiting list to have your roof done. So, not only is winter the cheapest time for you to get work on your home done, you’ll also get it done much faster than if you were to wait for those warmer temperatures. Summer is the high time for contractors. If you choose to wait till then (like everybody else) you could be waiting for weeks for the work to be completed on your home :(
  4. Avoid possible leaks and drafts for winter.  Not only are leaks and drafts uncomfortable for some, and dangerous for others, they can cause pretty high utility bills for your winter season. With Christmas in winter season, nobody wants to send extra money to the utility company.
  5. Work is done quickly for better utility bills during the cold.  Some people mistakenly think that if they are getting their windows replaced, they will have their windows taken out and then one by one put back in. Contractors do each window one at a time. Meaning, they will only take out one window, replace it, then move on to the next. They do this quickly making less time that you will be without the window in place and more time that you can have the benefit of energy efficient windows for next month’s utility bill!
  6. Preventive work so problems don’t become more expensive by Spring. Problems that may seem unimportant now can become major problems (and therefore majorly expensive) if they are left unattended until the weather warms up. It is much easier to fix a small problem in winter and do preventative work than it is to wait for warmer temperatures to deal with a now much much bigger problem. The weight from snow on your home combined with Spring melt-off can create a headache that can be avoided with winter work.
  7. Shingles are much less likely to be scuffed or scar from roofers feet at a lower temperature. Because people prefer to have their homes worked on in the summer, they must deal with the problems that come from summer work–such as scuffing and scarring of shingles from contractor’s feet on very very hot roofs. In the winter when it is cooler, this isn’t an issue at all.
  8. Prevent ice dams on gutters–or get gutters installed: You’ll want to have gutters properly installed to help with snow run-off. If you do not have gutters, you may need to get ice dams removed from your roof to prevent further damage that will come once the temperature outside warms up.


Still not convinced? You are welcome to wait until Spring/Summer to get work done on your home and (1) pay more for supplies, (2) pay more for your contractor, (3) wait longer for the work to begin or end, (4) have uncomfortable leaks or drafts this winter, (5) pay more for your utility bills, (6) have more expensive problems later, (7) deal with scuffs and other summer-related issues, (8) have dangerous ice dams form on your home, etc. All things considered though, I’d probably not wait till Spring or Summer to get work done on my house…just saying. :)


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Vinyl Siding or Stucco?


In Utah, vinyl siding homes and stucco homes are the most popular choices when it comes to new construction. They are also popular for revamping older homes. However, before building-or revamping-it is important to figure out which will work best for you and your home. Here are five things you should consider before you begin:

(1) Cost: Vinyl siding definitely has the advantage over stucco in this category. According to Service Magic, stucco is the least affordable material available (www.service

(2) Maintenance: Vinyl siding again has the upper hand in this category. Vinyl siding doesn’t rot, discolor, need to be repainted, warp, etc. Occasionally a panel may tear needing to be replaced-a very quick and inexpensive fix. Stucco can stain or develop holes which need to be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage. Although maintenance is pricier, if properly maintained stucco can also have a good lifespan.

(3) Climate: Stucco is ideally suited for dry, warm climates such as those found in southern Utah. Moisture is an enemy to stucco. For this reason, northern Utah is not the best match for stucco. According to, snow, ice, and freezing rain can quickly damage stucco. These elements get absorbed into stucco from the outside, causing it to swell and bulge. If left untreated it can separate from the interior wall and cause mold on the inside of the house. Vinyl siding does not have these same issues with Utah’s winter weather.

(4) Style: Both stucco and vinyl siding can look appealing. Stucco usually has a natural and rough appearance but is limited to neutral colors. Vinyl siding can come in literally hundreds of colors and a vast array of textures and styles. This allows vinyl siding home owners to customize their home avoiding that “cookie cutter” look.

(5) Other Considerations: The neighborhood in which you live (or want to build) may be predominantly vinyl siding or stucco. In that case, having a home exterior other than the rest of the neighborhood can make you stick out like a sore thumb- (of course, this may be exactly what you are going for.) ;-)

All these considerations aside, there will always be that homeowner that simply prefers vinyl or simply prefers stucco and is therefore willing to forego any benefits of choosing the other. Hey, that’s ok! As long as you, your budget, and your end result are happy, that’s what’s important.

The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Double-Pane Windows

It is important to do your homework when considering what type of windows you want for your home. In northern Utah, the cold climate makes it imperative to have a well-insulated window for your home. Double-pane windows are better insulated than their single-pane counterparts. (A double-pane window has two panes of glass sealed together with either air in between or non-toxic gas for added insulation. A single-pane window only has one pane of glass with nothing in between.) (

When building your home (or thinking about replacing your current windows) it is important to be aware of these advantages (and disadvantages) of double-pane windows:


  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Heat is Kept Inside in the Winter
  • AC is Kept Inside during the Summer
  • Outside Noise is Blocked
  • Harmful UV Rays are Blocked
  • Less Fading of Curtains, Carpet, Walls, etc.
  • Added Value to the Home
  • Easier to Clean
  • Easier to Slide Open or Lock Closed
  • Better for the Environment
  • Safety: Harder to Break in

With all of these advantages, it would seem that double-pane windows are the obvious choice. While that is still probably true, remember that double-pane windows do have these disadvantages:


  • Higher Cost up Front
  • Energy Savings won’t be as High if the Home is Poorly Insulated Elsewhere
  • It is Usually Better to Replace Double-Pane Windows than to Repair them

Because double-pane windows do cost more up front, it might be to your advantage to use single-pane windows for sheds, garages, or other areas where you are not concerned about keeping heat or cool air in. However, for the main areas in your home it is far more advantageous to have double-pane windows.




Every once in the while our Government give us hard working people a break on upgrading our homes with the newest and most efficient products. They are currently offering a great deal on windows and many other products. Click this link to see more.

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