The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Double-Pane Windows

It is important to do your homework when considering what type of windows you want for your home. In northern Utah, the cold climate makes it imperative to have a well-insulated window for your home. Double-pane windows are better insulated than their single-pane counterparts. (A double-pane window has two panes of glass sealed together with either air in between or non-toxic gas for added insulation. A single-pane window only has one pane of glass with nothing in between.) (

When building your home (or thinking about replacing your current windows) it is important to be aware of these advantages (and disadvantages) of double-pane windows:


  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Heat is Kept Inside in the Winter
  • AC is Kept Inside during the Summer
  • Outside Noise is Blocked
  • Harmful UV Rays are Blocked
  • Less Fading of Curtains, Carpet, Walls, etc.
  • Added Value to the Home
  • Easier to Clean
  • Easier to Slide Open or Lock Closed
  • Better for the Environment
  • Safety: Harder to Break in

With all of these advantages, it would seem that double-pane windows are the obvious choice. While that is still probably true, remember that double-pane windows do have these disadvantages:


  • Higher Cost up Front
  • Energy Savings won’t be as High if the Home is Poorly Insulated Elsewhere
  • It is Usually Better to Replace Double-Pane Windows than to Repair them

Because double-pane windows do cost more up front, it might be to your advantage to use single-pane windows for sheds, garages, or other areas where you are not concerned about keeping heat or cool air in. However, for the main areas in your home it is far more advantageous to have double-pane windows.



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