Vinyl Siding or Stucco?


In Utah, vinyl siding homes and stucco homes are the most popular choices when it comes to new construction. They are also popular for revamping older homes. However, before building-or revamping-it is important to figure out which will work best for you and your home. Here are five things you should consider before you begin:

(1) Cost: Vinyl siding definitely has the advantage over stucco in this category. According to Service Magic, stucco is the least affordable material available (www.service

(2) Maintenance: Vinyl siding again has the upper hand in this category. Vinyl siding doesn’t rot, discolor, need to be repainted, warp, etc. Occasionally a panel may tear needing to be replaced-a very quick and inexpensive fix. Stucco can stain or develop holes which need to be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage. Although maintenance is pricier, if properly maintained stucco can also have a good lifespan.

(3) Climate: Stucco is ideally suited for dry, warm climates such as those found in southern Utah. Moisture is an enemy to stucco. For this reason, northern Utah is not the best match for stucco. According to, snow, ice, and freezing rain can quickly damage stucco. These elements get absorbed into stucco from the outside, causing it to swell and bulge. If left untreated it can separate from the interior wall and cause mold on the inside of the house. Vinyl siding does not have these same issues with Utah’s winter weather.

(4) Style: Both stucco and vinyl siding can look appealing. Stucco usually has a natural and rough appearance but is limited to neutral colors. Vinyl siding can come in literally hundreds of colors and a vast array of textures and styles. This allows vinyl siding home owners to customize their home avoiding that “cookie cutter” look.

(5) Other Considerations: The neighborhood in which you live (or want to build) may be predominantly vinyl siding or stucco. In that case, having a home exterior other than the rest of the neighborhood can make you stick out like a sore thumb- (of course, this may be exactly what you are going for.) ;-)

All these considerations aside, there will always be that homeowner that simply prefers vinyl or simply prefers stucco and is therefore willing to forego any benefits of choosing the other. Hey, that’s ok! As long as you, your budget, and your end result are happy, that’s what’s important.

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