1. Are your contractors certified?



2. What is your ranking with the BBB?



3. Why can’t you just list how much my windows would cost?

Every home and every window is different. Windows need to be custom-measured for each home. 


4. How long will the bid take?

The bid will take 20-30 minutes depending on the size of your home or the number of products you are needing.


5. Does my spouse need to be here too?

We would prefer that you and your spouse are present at the time of the bid. However, if both of you are unable to make it, we will still be happy to come and give just one of you the bid.


6. Do you do custom orders?

Every order we do is custom-made to fit perfectly for your home.


7. What is the warranty for the product?

All of our products have a full, lifetime warranty which will then transfer to the next homeowner should you sell your home. 


8. What type of financing do you offer?

For those who qualify, we offer 0% financing and no money down.


9. How long does the financing go for?

You can get financed for up to 3 years.


10. Who does your financing go through?

We have done our financing through Wells Fargo and have had great success.


11. How do I qualify for financing?

Financing is based off your credit score.


12. Do you do inhouse financing?

No, we don’t do in-house financing. All our financing goes through Wells Fargo.


13. Do you accept all credit cards?



14. Do you offer cash discounts?



15. Can I get a discount for purchasing multiple products?

Yes you can save money for getting multiple products with us.


16. Currently are there any tax breaks available for any of these products?



17. Is it a seamless gutter?



18. What other products do you offer besides roofing, siding, windows, and gutters?

In addition to roofing, siding, windows, and gutters, we also do soffit and fascia, skylights, and sliding glass doors.


19. What colors do gutters come in? Windows? Siding? Roofing?

We offer a wide variety of colors for our products. Let us know what color you would like and we can show you samples!


20. Can you just do the labor if I already have the products?





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